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Comments and questions received so far

Here are all of the comments, in full, sent into the website so far since the 8th of April 2010. Thanks to everyone for your support. Please spread the word and let’s try to get as many people supporting the website as possible.



Prof. Dr. Carl Chinn (Trust Fund Trustee): ''I am angered and upset that the Trust set up in 2005 to help Rover workers has been unable to do so. As a trustee and supporter of the workers I am angry because the Trust has only £23,000 in its account and I am upset that the trustees have been unable to help men and women who needed help quickly and many of whom continue to need help. I believe that the Phoenix 4 have a moral duty to hand over substantial sums to the Trust as quickly as possible. I have several times publicly called for each of the four directors and Kevin Howe to put in £1 million into the MG Rover Employees’ Trust Fund in lieu of any further payments later on so that we can immediately start to help the workers who lost their jobs. My calls have been ignored. The directors and chief executive won the equivalent of the lottery through their involvement in MG Rover and by contrast thousands of men and women lost their livelihoods. I welcome Justice for Rover Workers. I believe that only by a public campaign can former workers get what I believe is due to them. I support this campaign and offer my backing to it.''


The Archbishop of York Dr. Sentamu (Trust Fund Trustee): ''I am shocked, disappointed and frustrated to learn that no progress has been made. Where is the compassion, let alone the sense of justice, of those who promised to help?''


Richard Burden MP: ''I support Justice For Rover Workers. Five years on from the collapse of MG Rover, they are still left waiting for the trust fund promised to them by the Phoenix Four. The issue here isn’t just about the cash – it’s about doing the right thing. A commitment was made. It should be honoured.'' 


Danny Bushell: ''It is great to see the effort that has been put into creating this website to allow all former MG Rover employees and supporters to come together, it is now time that PVH and Nigel Petrie answered the questions that all the former MG Rover workers have been asking for some time. Having this single route is the most practical way we can do this so I urge all former employees to show your support by adding your details and questions. Q1, What is now preventing PVH from releasing money from the sale of Studley Castle and the dealerships etc. into the trust fund? The interest made on these sales should surely help improve the small amount being paid back to the former MG Rover employees. Q2, If it is a matter of having to wait for PVH to be wound up, what is preventing this from happening and what is the time frame expected once the process begins? Q3, If the wind up of PVH is still expected to take a little more time, is it possible that PVH and Nigel Petrie could issue a monthly update/report on this website to keep the former MG Rover employees in the loop?''


Colin Tapper: ''This is fantastic news that someone is doing something to try and get justice for the former workers. One point I would like to make is, would any of the former board get any money from this fund? I do not mean the Phoenix four the likes of Beddow, Shine, Bowen, Millett, Oldaker, Parkinson & Howe. This lot have a lot to do with the downfall of a fantastic company with a good work force. For the people who have not read the government report this is what that lot took in pay Tax year 2003 to 2004, Mr Beddow 314,819 Mr Bowen 319,479 Mr Millett 700,179 Mr Shine 366,165. This was when they made out they had no money to spend. Am I bitter you bet I am, wait till you start taking your pension and see how poor it is to what it should have been. Another point I would like to make is, if any money comes our way how would it be shared out i.e. would someone who has worked for MGR for 1 year get the same as someone who worked their for 40 years !.''


Vernon Stretch: ''Ex-Austin Apprentice, spent 39 years at Longbridge. The later years in East works. The redundancy payout was poor to say the least for 39 years service.''


Charles Rapson: ''I'd just like some honesty and a response on this matter.''


Andrew Wilkes: ''As an ex-employee you get my full support.''


Robert Dimmock: ''It's about time the Phoenix 4 were made to pay back the millions they have stolen. The money will never make things right but it might bring a little bit of financial relief to the workers that have been suffered pain and humiliation over the last 5 years. I can remember under Honda when we agreed a deal that guaranteed the work force a job for life. LOL.''


Brian Hemming: ''It's about time this was sorted out.''


Andy Lveson: ''The only mention I have seen of this 'Trust Fund' is actually in the national press. I would be interested in hearing further details on it and what we are likely to be entitled to. The small couple of payouts I have received via Price Waterhouse in the first couple of years were a meagre return for nearly 26 years with the company, and it's all gone very quiet in the last few years.''


Richard Spencer: ''Following the split from BMW in 2000, I became part of MG Rover International Sales being the regional manager for Asia/Pacific.. launching Rover into Australia, back to New Zealand and many other markets. In 2004 I joined MG Sport & Racing to launch the SV in Europe and beyond..   quick question..  will the MG Rover trust fund recognise  me as one of the 6500 who lost there jobs.. or are Powertrain and MG Sport & Racing employees excluded?  I look forward to hearing back from you.''


John Griffiths: ''I would just like to show my support to all fellow ex rover workers who are still waiting for the money that is due to them and that a lot need will also bring everything to an end it has been five long years hope everybody supports this web site good luck to all.''


Mike Davies: ''The Phoenix four should hold their heads in shame, you should pay what you promised decent men and women are depending on what you promised.''


Stephen Horne: ''Glad to see that someone has taken the time and effort to try and find some justice for us ex Rover workers. Hopefully questions can be answered and a small glimmer of light protrude from these very dark, damaging scars that’s been left behind.''


Warren Starling: ''5 years to the day and still no pay....''


Joe Mullin: ''I hope you get all the support you need to achieve what you have set out to do, as an ex employee I can only hope it is sooner rather than later, all the best to you all.''


Carole Bishop: ''After 5 years I'm not angry or bitter at the behaviour of the directors of MG Rover any more.  It takes up too much personal energy.  That said, I will always want justice and I suppose a part of me will always want to see the saying proved...."what goes around, comes around"...I just hope I'm still around to see their fall.''


S Hampton: ''Do the right thing now, Give us what we are owed.''


Denise Elliot: ''I worked at MG Rover for 10 years, and my husband worked in Powertrain, we still talk about Rover, like it was yesterday, and still miss our old jobs there, we were of the older age group that worked there, and we have found it hard this last five years, and would welcome some money from the trust fund.''


Chris Morris: ‘‘It’s about time this was sorted. Up until now the Phoenix four had the excuse of legal action following the Government enquiry but now that has gone. Must confess I'm not holding my breath.''


John Linforth: ''It is about time all this was sorted out.''


Ian O'Brien: ''It’s an absolute disgrace that the P4 are allowed to get away with this, & lets face it they have got away it, they should never have been allowed to get anywhere near the funds generated by the sale of MG Rover Capital, the £23,000 currently in the fund equates to £3.83 each for the 6,000 workers, is this acceptable, absolutely not, I would gladly contribute my £3.83 towards a legal fund that should be used by the trust fund to bring the P4 to justice over the missing millions. Thanks for setting up this site, I hope that it’s put to good use and gets the support is so deserves. 15 years service''


Tony Mortimer: ''It's about time closure was bought. I believe all that’s going to happen is they will discreetly move all monies from PVH and when there is nothing of any value left they will wind up yet again with Government intervention, they will get away with it scott free.''


Rev. David Alford: ''As a former worker (84-2005). When are they going to receive what they deserve. On a weekly basis I have to deal with the fall-out still, help us to move on.''


Jeff Ali: ‘‘It’s great that someone has come up with a site where we can see that people are still fighting the cause. It’s been a long time but we shouldn't give up, we deserve anything that is owed or promised. It’s also good to see familiar names from the past adding their support. Good luck everyone.''


Andrew Fennell: ''The clock is still ticking........when are all the people that made these 4 individuals rich, going to get the justice they deserve.''


Michael Evans: ''After five years I am still haunted by the events of the MG Rover saga. It’s about time the fat cats put a bit back.''


Jane Thomas: ''Generations of the same families worked at Rover Longbridge. The closure had a devastating affect on the whole area. Those lucky enough to get other jobs have been scattered far and wide, and many are still without employment. Community spirit? Not any more. And still 5 years on the Phoenix 4 won't give the men the money that is rightfully theirs! How do they sleep at night?.''


Alan Horton: ''I would just like to say that it is totally unbelievable how much money has been wasted with an enquiry that has now gone on far too long .money that could well have saved many employees from losing their homes and strains on their relationships due to the hardships caused by the sheer greed of the Phoenix four who with hindsight probably knew that we were going to demise so that’s why they filled their own pockets. Any decent member of that four would do the honourable thing and give the employees back what was rightly theirs. Shame on you our wives and children and others relied on you all and this is how you repaid us. When you look in the mirror in the morning tell yourself what you really see. I’m the man that broke 6000 hearts [hang your heads in shame].''


Janet Killilea: ''I can't believe that this has not yet been settled. Are these people covering up something or someone? What law is allowing them to still retain the ex employee's money which they worked for?.''


Jonathan walker: ''Thank you to all the people involved in bringing us former workers this web site. What are the chance's we will see any money from this trust fund?.''


Andy Dawes: ''I think it is about time they sorted this mess out, and it’s nice to see that we are still getting some support for the ex-employees.''


Martin James: ''With an election due next month, remember how the government said that they could not offer any support, in either 2000 or 2005.  Things seem so different in the current recession (and certainly different in other EU countries).  I'm pleased that at last, some action has been taken to support car manufacturing in the UK, it’s a shame that its too late for the MGR workers. My best wishes to all former employees, I hope that you have been able to find your feet again.  MGR had a loyal, dedicated and highly skilled workforce, we deserved better, is it to late to hope for some support from the (old, or new) government to conclude this long running saga?.''


Alan Mullins: ''Let's do what we can to get the justice that all rover workers and family's deserve.''


Simon Goldberger: ''Joined in Cowley in 1995 and was there to help switch the lights out over Sales and Marketing block in 2005. I believe its time for the Phoenix 4 + 1 to stand up to their promises. Thousands of Longbridge staff and workers placed our trust in the 4+1. Like Carol not bitter or angry anymore but do think its time for the people responsible to finally pay restitution. On a side note, if nobody has contacted Steve from for his support then you have missed a trick. Always supportive of the company during its existence he gave a the ex works a private forum to keep in touch with each other during the redundancy process and beyond entirely out of his own pocket at no cost... keeping us able to continue communicating from before the closure until well after the last discussions had finished.''


Alan Webb: ''PVH should fulfil the commitment they made to this fund.''


Scott Bradley: ''As I sit here in Longbridge (working for SAIC) writing this I wonder if I will be entitled to anything (if anything is paid out) as I left MG Rover about 2 months before they went under.''


Jim Gilchrist: ''We must keep up the pressure to get justice.''


Steve Owen: ‘‘Let’s finally sort this out for all of us who went through this painful episode.''


Barry Craig: ''I offer my support and hope that a conclusion to this matter is reached quickly. Hopefully the results will be published for everyone concerned.''


Bob Butterworth: ''Just give us the moneys’ that we were promised, plus the interest raised over the last 5 years. It’s obvious that neither Parliament nor the Industry Secretary have any interest in our situation.''


Christian Kissi Ameyaw: ''I find it unacceptable that these executives were allowed to make any money from such an important British institution. Perhaps the blame for that lies elsewhere, with a government that seems unable to protect the few national assets the United Kingdom has left. Regardless, considering the abject misery this has caused so many people, the vast majority of whom would have counted these executives as allies that would respect and protect them, I find it inconceivable that they could not part with even this small amount that is OWED to Rover Workers. Where is the money? Why is somebody even having to ask for it??.''


Mark Portman: ''It's about time the Phoenix Four made good on their pledge, which they made nearly five years ago, and put money into the trust fund.''


Paul Cooper: ''Give them what they are owed.''


Ian Pogson: ''It's been a long time.  By the extant PVH policies we are all due recompense for a "factory closure".  (See RSMP - Reduction of Surplus Manpower Policy).  PVH should show some honour and stand by their commitments.  Or is honour a fast-disappearing quality? Ask a few MPs.''


Martin Crane: ''5 years on and I'm now out of work again. 31 years service at Longbridge about time we had a proper pay out!.''


Carl Lanchester: ''If it was a simple case of putting money into a trust fund I think that would have been done. Besides the 6000 plus ex workers the list of people who the Phoenix 4 owe money to is as long as the M1 and they could also have a claim to any funds my advice is phone the union they have a trustee on the trust fund.''

Richard Jones: ''No more false hopes pay the money promised.''


Cllr Ken Wood: ''Why is it that everything to do with the closure of MG has taken years? e.g. the Government enquiry and this as well. Anyone would think they had something to hide. It’s the people who worked at the plant who are the losers and have been let down time and time again. Lets get this sorted for their benefit.''


Jerry Vernon: ''I fully support the campaign for Ex-Rover workers to get the money they are owed.''


John Linforth: ''It is good to see some familiar names of ex work colleagues appearing on here, I hope you are all doing well.''


Mohammed Nazir: ''I would like to add my support to the campaign to seek justice for Rover workers.''


Glen Coltman: '' I am an ex-Rover worker I worked to the end for the company. We all deserve a proper pay out instead of the derisory one that we received which was only the legal minimum.''


Peter Keane: ''Ex-worker 15 years service. I think its time 'The Phoenix 4' sorted it out.''


Mike Hodge: ''I fully endorse this action and support being provided to ex MG Rover employees. The ex MG Rover directors have consistently avoided answering questions and have hidden behind legal curtains. It is time that every question asked was fully and openly answered.''


Syd Vaughan: ''It’s time the Longbridge workers were paid what’s owed, and it is a disgrace that the Phoenix four have been allowed to get away with not only your jobs but also your money, I have long been a vocal voice in your battle and sadly believe it wont be many years before Cadbury workers will be fighting for their jobs and pensions, best of luck.''


Ken Turley: ''I have moved on since MG Rover and have had to relocate as well.  As with some of the other comments, I am no longer bitter, but do miss the Team work even now.  I still have family close to the old plant and its sad to see the cleared land where once stood a Great British motor works!.''


Keith Bayliss: ''I worked at Rover for 15 years and still miss all my mates and the every day banter, when we closed I worked on the Rover 75 engine dress c shift I now live and work in Great Yarmouth any one who remembers me I hope you are all well.''


Mike Bledsoe: ''I think they deserve to get back all they put into their future savings no ifs or buts. Good luck all you Rover Workers hope the government will take action.''


Peter T: ''Just think of the dreadful interest this lot are making on our money.''


Steve Rogers: ''When is our next march? How many strong are we?.’’


Terry Street: ''It's about time the ex employees were able to close the book on this. Towers and Co should do the right thing; they lined their own pockets and set themselves up for life from a company that was going bankrupt. The proceeds from the sale of Studley and other assets should be made available to ex employees.''


Tony O'Brien: ''I had 25 years service at the Rover & I think it’s deplorable that the P4 + 1 have managed to keep their heads down hoping that they can melt into obscurity with no consequence for their actions. A ‘Promise is a Promise’ & they owe the workforce of MG Rover a lot more than they are showing. It’s time they cleared their debts & perhaps their names by fulfilling their obligations. Totally support ‘Justice For The Rover Workers’.''


John Butler: ''Is this the longest running enquiry ever? maybe there should be another inquiry on why the administrators are taking so long!!.''


John: ''It's about time this was sorted, 5 years is a ridiculous amount of time to be waiting.''


David Meakin: ''I worked at MG Rover for 17 years and I also think that this has gone on for far to long. It’s about time that the Phoenix 4 brought closure to the whole saga for thousands of Ex MG workers.''


David Seal: ''I worked at MG Rover for 17 years and I also think that this has gone on for far to long. It’s about time that the Phoenix 4 brought closure to the whole saga for thousands of Ex MG workers.''


Bob Torkington: ''It all seems very clear to me, buy a car firm for a tenner, waste the excess cash that you can't get your hands on, and concentrate on closing the place down after a bogus proposed five year plan, and getting your hands on the cash you can have, I seem to remember one of the four saying "the workers have a pension, so we should have one as well" but they don't seem to be able to stop pensioning themselves off i.e £11 million pounds before Christmas 2009 between five of them, Kevin Howe being the fifth why didn't they put some of that money into this fund, to coin a phrase "it's greed Carl but not as we know it".''


John Turner: ''About time these rogues were forced to wind up all of the ex Rover associated holding companies, pay it into the trust fund and pay out the ex workers.''


Jinny Foy: ''Worked at Rover (West Works) for 17 years, still can’t find full time permanent work, it’s crap working for the minimum wage, well done to who has set this up full support we have waited long enough and to get this money would mean we could be debt free and maybe start living again, since leaving nothing has been the same no job has been as good as working at the Rover and I miss mates from the Rover. Let’s hope it will be soon, maybe another march is due.''


Gerry Ashford: ''Time to do the decent thing Mr. Towers and payout.''


Nigel Gates: ''We all need this money. I know I do as I have just lost my job. Still got bills, mortgage to pay and a daughter to feed. Wish I was John Towers and not have these worries.''


Ian Morgan: ''Worker from Jan 1985 to April 2005 and I only walked out with the bear minimum statutory redundancy pay for giving 20 years service. Thanks everyone for your support and lets hope the Phoenix four pay out what they promised us soon.''


David Kennedy: ‘‘It’s about time the truth come out, are we getting the money or not? We are entitled to the money and therefore are being robbed of our own money.''


Dave Jones: ''After 5 years it’s about time we got our payout. It wasn't our fault we lost our jobs but it’s us who's suffering.''


Roger Powell: ''After 46 years with Rover / BMW. I would like to see some justice for my friends and family who have worked for Rover and not received any compensation.''


Dilys Tyler: ''I totally agree and believe we should get all monies owed to us without delay. Someone will be getting interest on what, to us, will be an individual small amount of money, but put the totals together...........!!.''


Ian Rushton: ''John Towers and the rest of the crooks were welcomed back to Longbridge with open arms by a loyal workforce. It's now clear that their only motivation was selfish greed. Good luck with this campaign, 5 years is too long. (21 years service).’’


Stephen Brown: ''I hope you get what you are due as soon as possible. I hope adding my name here will speed this. Good luck. Stephen Brown - Northfield, Birmingham.''


Gary Costello: ''This is a good website.  I'm on £6000 less a year than I was at Rover, many of my colleagues are in the same boat.  Well done for getting this site up & running.  It's good to see former colleagues posting their support for justice & hope they're all doing well.''


Dave Hands: ''It's about time all former Rover workers got what they are due so that we can truly move on and have closure. Wishing all of my former colleagues good luck in the future.''


Charles Regan: ''It is very sad that after five years ex MG Rover workers have still not received the trust fund they were promised. The closure of Longbridge, which should and could have been avoided had we taken greater care of our manufacturing industries, has caused great hardship to the people employed there and has created many problems in the local area. It's only fair that MG Rover workers receive what they were promised all those years ago.''


Gary Fitzpatrick: ''For the past 5 years my family have been waiting for the right payout so we can finally put MG Rover to bed.''


Brian Gough: ''I worked for Rover and Powertrain for 28 years. I was brought up believing in the Labour Party, until they shut us down. I stopped for them from that day on.''


Robert Lune: ''Five years is long enough.''


Jason Bird: ''Why should others live in the lap of luxury when we the workers are still trying to recover after five years ?.''


Paul Cooney: ''I have been working through agencies in low paid jobs since Rover went bust, how much longer do we have to wait for what is rightly ours in the first place? stop all the red tape and pay us what we are owed, after all, the directors have already had their big slice of the cake a long time ago.''


Robert Ellis: ''I worked for Rover in its many forms for twenty years the last fifteen in the East Works. As a Powertrain worker am I entitled to any monies from trust fund? I would find this a great injustice if we were not included. Many Powertrain workers lost their jobs and were left with long term health problems which were not of our making.  This whole sorry saga should be speedily resolved and give all the effected persons some closure. Life has not been easy since losing my job I had to take a very large drop in income as no engineering firms would employ me. Looking forward to any news.''


Rob Haslam: ''I worked at MG Rover for a total of 31 years started working there from school my dad worked there for nearly fifty years.''


Malcolm Smith: ''I worked for MG Rover for 29 years. It would be good for everyone, who put a lot of time and effort in, and stayed with the company throughout the good and bad times, to get what we deserve. The P4+1 seem to have no idea of what pain and hardship a lot of us went through after the company closed. A lot of people had worked for the company for many years, 30 to 40 years in some cases. So to be thrown on the scrap heap, going to the dole and finding out that most of the jobs you were being offered were paying 40 to 50% less, and the DHSS were telling us "You have to drop our standards of living to compensate", I doubt if the P4+1 had to drop their standards? The only other people to benefit so far from the closure of MG Rover, is the P4+1 and Price Waterhouse Coopers. So, well done to all the people who have set up The Justice for Rover Workers Group site, lets hope we ALL get what we deserve, and as soon as possible. Then we can draw a line under the whole affair and all move on. “Good Luck to you all”.''


Mick Malone: ''Yes, it's about time they coughed up. The £15 million enquiry didn't help matters though, that was another delay and no need for it either, we told them in the first week they wouldn't find anything illegal. Amoral yes, (turning 3 companies into about 50 in a couple of years was a bit of a clue) but not illegal.''


Matt Thomas: ''Denied the right to work through no fault of their own, the Rover workers have never been fairly recompensed for the disruption that was forced up on them and their families. They're not asking for hand-outs or sympathy, just a fair deal. All they want is what they were promised - and to date they haven't had a fraction of it. Support the campaign and ask others to as well. We can achieve more collectively than individually. And remember, if the Rover workers get their pay-outs they'll be spending it reviving Birmingham's shattered economy. You'll be helping people retrain, secure new jobs, start businesses and create more jobs and wealth for the area. Support the Justice for Rover Workers campaign and you're not just supporting them, you're supporting Birmingham.''


Lorraine & Michael Bowen: ''It has been very hard to pick up a new life outside Rover and Powertrain, we were loyal employees it’s a pity the so called "Fab 4" didn't play their part as well...''


Chris Morris: ''First question to the P4. - In all honesty do you intend to honour the commitment you made when MG Rover went bust? Second question if the answer to the first is positive - when? If the answer is no then there needs to be a campaign to embarrass them. Stand outside their mansions with banners saying how much they legally took out of the company. And of course make sure the press are there. The problem is that legally they don't owe us anything.''


Colin Brooks: ''I spent 15 years at MG Rover and already in the last 5 years I'm in my third job and still not earning what I was 5 years really is about time we got some money, but I will believe it when it happens....great website let's hope Towers and his cronies get off their backsides and do the right thing.''


Sid Bledkiron: ''Following pressure from a colleague of mine, Sylvia Heal, the current House of Commons Deputy Speaker has obtained a written response on the Trust Fund question from The Department for Business Innovation and Skills in which they confirm that 'they share the concerns of the former MG Rover employees on this matter and will continue to urge the former directors to maximise the money available to former employees but ultimately it will be a matter for them to decide upon. Whilst the fox has now clearly been put in sole charge of security in the chicken coup with circa £42 million of combined pension and severance pay, it does not seem like much of an incentive to do anything about the former employees, does it?? Diversion, delay, distraction, reports, investigations, committees, legal loopholes, election… bitter?  frustrated?   damn right!! 38 continuous year’s service. Unemployed from a proper job since January 2007''


Tracy McMullen: ''I worked with some brilliant people at MG Rover. When the company went in to liquidation we all had to deal with a very sudden loss of earnings. 5 years have gone by and it is an absolute disgrace that the compensation issue hasn't been resolved. What have PWC done? How can we get the cash from the trust fund? Surely we deserve an element of consideration from the Phoenix 4.''


Lin Andrews: ''I think we have waited long enough for what some might believe are monies that are rightly ours. We didn't ask for this to happen and many lives have been devastated by it.  Let's draw a final line under it and let people get on with their lives.''


Rob Recardo: ''As an ex employee you have my full support.''


Joe Black: ''How these 4 got away with this is a disgrace.''


Rob Pearson: ''I worked 20 years in the number 2 paint shop at Longbridge, I'm sure I speak for all the ex Rover workers in that we were all flushed down the pan, I think in a calculated way. The fortunate ones with all the money should hang their heads in shame; surely the shame of this would make any decent man want to make amends. Thousands of lives were left in tatters while they rubbed their hands together, let’s hope they can find a tinge of decency and pay back to us what we all deserve and worked (some of us) all our lives for with no appreciation for the hard work and loyalty we showed. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Carl Chinn for all he has done for all the ex Rover workers… to all my ex colleagues show your support and add your comments.''


James Simpson: ''All I can say is we have waited long enough. The former owners have the chance to do the right thing I hope they take it.''


Jim Thornwell: ''Well done & thank you for setting up this forum. I hope it leads to a result for the ex-workers. Obviously you are dealing with devious immoral people in the P4 so the task in hand will not be easy. I applaud what you have achieved so far and offer my full support.''


John Horton: ''My late father and other relatives worked at Longbridge and it is about time the Government took action to sort this out!!.''


Janet Mercer: ''I was one of only 3 designers (all managers) among the 197-strong members of the Design Department at Gaydon at the time BMW sold up, who were persuaded to transfer in June 2000. The whole of Design got transferred to Ford, as Land Rover, leaving no design team or facilities at all at Longbridge. I devoted 5 years of hard slog to build up my department (Colour, Trim & Graphics) from absolutely nothing (I mean literally nothing!) I even risked my own health, delaying a serious operation for a brain tumour for a whole year, (keeping it a secret from my colleagues) in order to establish a team & a solid design strategy. With hardly any design budget, Colour & Trim was in great demand to make visual enhancements and to launch the MG Z-car derivatives in spectacular fashion (which we did!) I am appalled at the amount squandered of that useless report; 6000 employees could have had a few thousand pounds each, if that amount of money got distributed among those who deserve it most. By the way, my design team at MG Rover, Longbridge, was fantastic - the best in the world. I miss the camaraderie among my hand-picked team. I devoted 17 years to the company, starting at Austin Rover in Canley. Count me in, please, in support of long-awaited justice for MG Rover workers. Thank you''


Steve Price: ''Any ideas when we are going to see the money released.''


Terry Humphries: ''Thirty five years and ended up with very little, lost a lot of pension and then receive nothing after false promises what happened to all the money from the support fund?????.''


C Westall: ''Where was the support from this Government when Rover workers needed it ?
What has the Government done to force the 4 fraudsters to give the loyal workers the money owed to them? You can show the Government the same support in May. As for the 4 bandits I pity, let them they can enjoy their ill gotten gains. Their punishment is yet to come, thou shall not steal.''


Ian Thompson: ''Really enjoyed my ten years at Rover and yes the people were ace, the determination was definitely there and sadly missing in other companies I have worked at since.  Bring it on lets have em.''


Peter Hodgetts: ''Having worked for MG Rover for 29 years I had some great times and worked with some great people. All we ask is for the "The Phoenix four" to give us some justice and give us what we deserve.''


Spoz: ''This whole fiasco is beyond a joke. The political and judicial system that allows this to drag on, is a joke. Capitalism urinates on the "little" man again and the moral majority is powerless. Well done Maggie Thatcher on creating a greed driven Britain, and well done every other prime minister since, for failing to fix our broken society. Whilst I support every effort being made by all you good people involved - I don't hold out much hope. Talking will achieve nothing - it all falls on deaf ears. Action is what is required. Richard Burden MP - organise a march on Downing Street, whoever is in power after the election. Charter some trains! Mobilise the ex-employees - get the unions to mobilise their members. END OF CHAT - ACTION IS NEEDED!!.''


Sue Hulse: ''Why do these working men and women have to wait for their money. It's a disgrace. I hope the support grows and people are rewarded for the loss in their lives. As for the 4...better not say!.''


Mark Anthony France: ''Most of my family worked at Longbridge all of us were devasted when the plant closed. The Phoenix Four were found to have "no case to answer" after the belated Serious Fraud Office investigation but we all know what they are guilty of. I am fully in support of the proposals of Carl Chinn and Fully Support the Justice for Rover Workers campaign.''


Bob Stainsby: ''Should have never been allowed to close.''

Richard Millward: ''Time has rolled on and the bank balance has disappeared and the Phoenix 4 have not done what they promissed, how do they sleep at night?.''


Dave Handley: ''So sad and so unfair. I hope eventually justice can be seen to be done.''


Paul Holness: ''As an ex employee I feel cheated.''


Janice Bushell: ''I worked for MG Rover for nearly 27 years and I know many people still haven't found employment elsewhere.  I find it appalling that nothing has been offered by the Phoenix Four.  I am very pleased that finally something is being done to try and sort the situation out.  There are many families who are still devastated by what happened.  You have my full and whole hearted support in this matter.''


Jason Grantham: ''5 years and still nothing.''


Allan Johnson: ''I think it only fair and equitable that any surplus in PVH be released for the good of the workers in general, based on length of service, and not used for further enrichment of the directors who failed in their obligations to the business.''


Rena Jade Tisdale: ''Get my Grandad what he deserves after 21 years loyal service to Rover.''


Jack Dougan: ''This debacle has gone on long enough, these type's of shoddy practice's should be stamped out immediately  and highlighted no only by local parliamentary candadates but nationally by all the major parties. The is the perfect time to push for justice to be done. Get this money paid out now to the people who deserve it''


David: ''5 years on and still no end, PVH get it sorted we need closure.''


Alan Murray: ''Why is that difficult for us to simply get what we deserve out of all this?''


Graham Dearing: ''Fully support this great wesbsite. As someone who lost there job at MG Rover in April 05. I urge everyone to spread the good work.''


Steve Price: ''Yet again another stalling method. This time with HBOS. The UK Government yet again refuse to help a hard working, commited workforce that were let down by the management and the Government. Pity the bankers who took the Governments money were not as commited to making their business succeed as the Rover workers were. Remember HBOS, some Rover workers have HBOS accounts.''


John Switzer:''I find it difficult to believe that 5 years has passed since the demise of MGR; I find it incredible that 5 years on, the former employees still await their long and oft-promised payments. How difficult can it be for Government and thePhoenix 4 to make good their promises?.''


Jayne Bushell:''I find this disgusting!! We bailed this bank out with our hard earned money, which without us tax payers wouldn’t exist today !!  Do the honourable thing and give us the money we are entitled to..''


Pete Morris ''Nothing surprises me anymore, let down by a Labour Government who have destroyed manufacturing in this great city and country. The country has been broken down by this Government and the fat greedy bankers who are employed by us should be ashamed of themselves.''


Rick:''I have already joined, but I would just like to add, I have shares in H.B.O.S and they are now worth seventeen quid, and now I read they have robbed my share of the trust fund as well, what a weak country I live in, twenty years at Rover to watch the wealthy bankers invest in themselves as I hit the dole queue again. It seems the only people who got any money out of this was four plus banks who we saved....''


Elaine Burford: '' I know it will not be a lot of money but it is the principle ... and long over due''


Marilyn Smart: ''It is an insult for this to be dragging on after 5 years.  The employees put their hearts and souls into making a success of the company.''


Alan Murray: ''Despite all the shortcomings of the "Phoenix Four", it seems to me a reflection on this government if they can't allow the £12.5M to be passed to the Trust instead of claiming it for 'their' bank. They have ploughed billions into the banks, but continue to show zero respect for those that made their living out of manufacturing.''

Marcus: ''I for one and others I know who worked at Longbridge for many years will never vote Labour again after they shafted us and put MG Rover into administration scaring off MG Rover's many suppliers and thus they never delivered parts and therefore forced Rover into the mess that ended it in April 2005. I'm angry that Government part owned bank HBOS could steal the trust fund intended for us, also remember that the 84% Government owned RBS bank funded Krafts takeover of Cadburys, which in itself  is another travesty which could lead to yet another great British company going overseas along with British jobs. I for one will not let this shameful government hold power ever again.''


Alan Davison: ''Towers and co should NOT be allowed to get away with it.''


Steven Taylor: ''I am not an ex worker I am a fan and owner of Rover 25 and I would like to thank all at MG Rover for making great cars, they deserve justice.''


Andy Sillitoe: ''Got website off one of my x rover mates I did 10 years please keep me updated.''


Gerry Ashford: ''The reply letter from Mr Towers to Mr Burden, if true, was quite eye opening for me and I am sure many of my other ex colleagues.''


Bernie Carpenter: ''My partner gave MG Rover 26 years loyal service - what did we get in return?... our car taken back, trips to the dole, £6000 a year less income, having to work for agencies, we don’t want sympathy or handouts just a fair deal, bet the phoenix four don't have to worry about paying the mortgage and bills, about time this was sorted so we can all move on.''


Steven Roadknight: ''Having spent 2 decades working for MG Rover, I just find it very hard that we were promised information and support by the unions, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - I am still waiting for that support. When you think about the way the assets where transferred by the Phoenix 4 in to PVH it was scandalous, however it is time that the money which is owed to the workers be transferred in to the fund asap. What greaves me is the silence and the hiding of the 4 former owners. So I call upon them to act in a professional manner and is it time the unions start leaning on the PVH 4 to come out and publically  condemn their silence.''


Chris Jesson: ''I sincerely hope there are returns given to the workers after this appalling mess over the past 5 years (and a wasted £16m on a report that said what we knew already).''


Pat Gadsby: ''As a former MG employee I totally support this forum particularly if it can clarify exactly how much is in the Trust Fund and how it will be paid out.''


Gail: ''Shouldn't HBOS and now the Government just be added to the list of creditors and be paid out in line with everyone else at a pittance to the £?''


Steve Eades: ''It is good that people take time to fight for our rights and money.  It is about time HBOS looked in the mirror and give the money that is held in the trust fund to the ex employee's who gave Towers & co 100% commitment in MG Rover days.  After all it is rightfully theirs.''


Ina Mckay: ''My brother like many others worked for Rover for years.  It is time the Government stopped the delays in this fiasco and get these ordinary hard working people the money they are due & deserve.''


Brian Brindley: ''Former Rover worker. You have my full support. Thanks fir what you are doing.''


Bob Poston: ''About time something was done !!!.''


Thomas Lynch: ''Time for another march and shame the Government into stopping their outrageous claims.''

Ellen Griffiths: ''I'm supporting my dad who is one of the unfortunate ex Rover workers along with all ex Rover staff who were affected by the unjust and unfortunate events that lead to the closure of Rover. All of these poorly treated people deserve more than what they have been left with after the unpredicted closure!.''


Sylvia Griffiths: ''As you can imagine the anger and upset caused to all the family when my husband first announced that he had lost his job with Rover as I'm sure many of you felt hearing the same news. And still after 5 years it angers and upsets me just as much. The worry and panic caused to many who have homes, bills and children to fend for and look after as well as our selves. Ex Rover workers now after all this time, 5 years, still haven’t had what they deserved back from the Phoenixfour. I think for some it would bring closure a final end pay back for such ill treatment. I support all ex Rover workers, their families and friends affected by the unfortunate closure.''


Christopher Weaver: ''I worked at Longbridge for 25 years , starting out as an apprentice back in 1978. I welcome your support in this matter as I was almost at the stage of giving up now due to how long the report had taken to appear. I beleive the period of time has made people immune to what errors were made, and I want it to come back to public notice and haunt people that did the wrong that killed MG Rover.'' 


Sara Stevens: ''My partner was a former MG Rover worker, fortunately he has now found alternative employment.  On the downside my son's father decided to quit his job, leave the country and refuses to pay any more maintenance, this money would mean all the difference to us and many many more families.''


Mark Cross: ''What can I say ! It should never have shut and as for BMW well they played a blinder - keep the Mini, make money from the Landrover sale and pass all our pensions on to someone else! brilliant! and as for the infamous four they were in it for one thing money!! not bitter or anything!.''


Muhammad Rafiq: ''I am shocked and disappointed to learn that Phoenix 4 are preventing the release of money. I believe that Phoenix 4 have moral duty to honour the promise they made.''


Richard Fairburn: ''John Towers and his merry men should each put £2.5 million extra into the fund.  John if you are reading this , we are small fry in this world you have millions of pounds and I suspect will never go short do the decent thing and help out your ex employees.’’


Mark Stillitoe: ''Having been there for 16 years working at Cowley the cabs and the west, I find it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. How much longer do we have to listen to rubbish? These 4 crooks wouldn't miss a million if they did the decent thing for us. Is it a case of out of sight out of mind? I know of ex-workers who have lost their homes, I have also been close to this. I now work over 80 hours a week just to get close to basic dayshift money. Then we were told of this superb shopping centre being built on the site which would create thousands of jobs, will I be 65 before it's finished? It's time for the lies to stop and serious action to be applied. I miss my mates but I know you all survived let's hope we all get what we deserve.''


Rob Meese: ''The sooner we get what we are due, the sooner we can all move on, we all must stand together until this matter is done and dusted, we must still keep banging the drum for the workers. Shame on you the Phoenix four.''

M B Parker: ''New government sort it out!! Us former MG Rover workers have suffered enough.''


Andy Guest: ''Unbelievable - It's now taken them longer to agree on payment to the employees than it took them to ruin a good company.''


Moe Aksar: ''I wish everyone the very best and hope this situation is resolved soon, as its long over due.''


Jan Vanhentenrijck: ''You have my full support and hope all of you ex-MG Rover workers will get what is yours!!!''


Unspecified: ''Well which ever way you look at it, it seems MG Rovers workers are victims of the crime of greed. There's no justice not for the poor people of this country who ever they are. What a divide I see and nobody cares. I'm ready to fight this and any other injustice that comes along. Where’s our backbone gone. The British fight like mad when there backs are against the wall.''


Roy Crook: ''I worked at Rover for 28 years. We all worked hard to try and keep Rover, but were let down by J Towers and Co. They should pay the work force out of their own pockets, after all they made their millions on the back of us.''

Roger Taft: ''Would be nice to see some more ex rover workers on here. I think most of us have given up the hope of recieving any money from them now.''


Mark Sillioe: ''It's amazing we get another glimmer of hope for what? to be kicked in the teeth again. Why do these banks hold us to ransom when we all bailed them out? The true story is no one in Government past or present have a clue nor do they really care about us. I find the whole merry go round very boring. Let's hope we get something before the VAT rise.''


Gary Bushell: ''Nice to see HSBC 26% jump in profits for the first 6 months of this yr £1.37bn profits in the UK alone and they want to nick our £12M B**t*rds''


Geoff P: ''Why dont 6500 ex rover workers turn up to see the pope he might put a word in for us....ex rover 29 years service''


Mike Hubbard: ''Redundancy never covered the 21 years I spent at MGR. 5 years is long enough to wait for a promise of a payout, it's about time the fat cats put their money where their mouth is.''


Steve Rogers: ''I agree with the person who said we must make a stand against these greedy bosses and bankers''

Jon Weems: ''That no concrete action has been taken by government suggests that there is something inherently wrong with the justice system and the proteciton of the rights of innocent hard working people.''


Nudger 83: ''I have put a lot of negative views on the Evening Mail Web site about JFRW. But I feel this is my frustrations taking over. Good luck to getting any compensation which was promised, I was very privileged to work with some genuinely nice people. Shame on the government for letting this happen, we can not be a nation of shopkeepers, and watch the Germans and the French go from strength to strength. Watched an old edition of Top Gear, shame them 3 clowns didn’t get what they deserve in the deep south of America.''


David Jefferies: ''Would just like to say as an ex employee of MG Rover this has been dragging on far to long and its not about the money now its the fact that the directors lined there own pockets and left their workforce with nothing. They should be sent to jail 4 what they did, yet they live the high life and we the old workforce struggle week in week out. they are scum.''


Christopher Dann: ''I am so chuffed I have found this web site I was at the plant to the very end. I was there for 15 years and was sickened by the way we have been treated its time to make a stand even though its five years late in coming.''


Carl Juggins: ''Worked at Longbridge for 17 years and was with Powertrain at the end ...miss the people and the camararderie which was's only when it's gone that you realise how good it was.''


 John Millward: ''Having worked at Longbridge for 42 years, I feel sick at the way we have been treated and all praise to Carl Chinn and his colleagues for their great efforts to see some fair play for all 6,000 ex hard working colleagues''


Mr J Bryan: ''I give my support to the Justice for Rover Workers website as I want someone to give us ex Rover employees a voice without trying to use us it as political gain like MPs still and have done in the past. I give my support to this site as Carl Chinn is the MG Rover employees voice and its about time the ex Directors were held responsible for what they have done not only to a worldwide British brand but also to the people affected by there poor management and greed''


Craig Barker: ''What's happened to the hardship fund? I received a letter saying I owed money as my dividend was apparently overpaid! They said not to worry, they would take it out of the next payout! What payout!''


Keith & Shirley Smith: ''Why has Price Waterhouse Cooper been allowed to have a 6 year salary out of this?''


Harjinder Singh: ''Phoenix 4 should be ashamed of themselves. I hope some kind of justice is served for all ex-MGR workers and we get some kind of pay out''


Ric Nash: ''Only just found this site, its good to be kept updated   I will pass this site on to other ex MG ROVER workers''


Tomo: ''The P4 should be made to pay back what they stole! I bet their still living the life of luxury! while the rest of us that worked our butts off, got pittance and are still struggling 6 years on, I hope justice will be done! The workers deserve what’s theirs. 17 years of service.''


Garry Corbett: ''Former Powertrain worker (17 years) it is time for the Phoenix 4 to get their finger out and pay us what is ours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!''


Bill Craig: ''Can we change the name of our website, to NO Justice for Rover workers..''


Workers Supporter: ''I too feel for the thousands of Rover workers that lost their jobs and to hear that the trust only has 23k in it. I know one of the Phoenix four and his wife, son and daughter have experienced the lavish lifestyle at the workers expense I'm sure... and the irony is none of them work!!! No, not one of them so who and what is funding the children at 30 and 27?? I hope justice is forthcoming I really do.....''


Melvyn Bledstoe: ''Absolutely disgusted how they are stopping this Trust Fund being paid out, it is 6 years now. Hurry up and get it sorted and out of the way''


Ricky Bavington: ''I worked at Rover for twenty years & had to stop until all the cars were finished, I watched our plant get sucked dry, & sold out, then got I sent out the door with little next to nothing in my pocket, while I heard empty promises from the very wealthy people who just walked away scot free & now after watching banks get bailed out for failing, one of them gets Vince Cables blessing to take the little promised to us for their own as well, no one is in our corner, but every one is in the few wealthy bank robbers & the company milkers who seem to still hold all the cards, I wonder if we had took their money how quick this would have been pushed through this one sided system ? I didn’t think six years would have passed, you have my full support,& thanks. Don’t let these people get away with false promises, all the best Ricky''


Mark Anthony France: ''My Grandad Len France, my Dad Barry France and Uncle Ken France, Auntie June Steadman and Uncle Ron Steadman and may other friends and relatives worked at 'the Austin' from the 1930's through to it's Closure. I could never get a job there - apparently I was on an 'Economic League' Blacklist due to my dad's Trade Union activity in the NUVB and then the T&GWU...Rover Workers need Justice! We also need a permanent Museum of Working Life at Longbridge somewhere on the old site ... to commemorate the 100's of Thousands of people who spent their lives at the plant and to enshrine the memory of their achievement and their struggles''


Mick Jiggins: When we thought we had it, then lost it some of us gave up on it,t hen the Justice for Rover Workers steps in...(what happened to the unions promises or was that just talk from them as usual) good luck Oliver Thomas we need a up lift.''


Jeff Sidhu: ''The Phoenix 4 should've gone to prison, it disgusts me how they conned the Rover workers into believing they were the saviours and that they were going to save Rover. In all they knew from day one they were going to con Rover of its finances. My opinion: the workers worked hard and the new engines (being the K series) were the best being produced. I'm so sad to see that Rover was stripped of all designs by outsiders i.e. BMW. The other point I want to raise is QU amazes me how she was paid 1.7million then later went onto acquire  LDV Vans. To me there is a nasty smell in there air. I think an action plan was in place already by the Phoenix 4 to sell our heritage to China.''


Brian Hinton: ''Hi everyone''


Anthony Hawkings: ''Having just read that us ex-Rover workers will not be getting the money that was pedged, oh sorry my mistake 3 quid. Please forgive me if I'm not jumping for joy at the prospect of the cheque coming through my letterbox. Since we all lost our jobs, we have had to endure one kick in the teeth after another. The so called Phoenix 4 didn't keep Longbridge going because it was the workforce who did, when you consider that Towers bought the company for a pittance and us workers agreed to every working practice to keep us afloat. So please Mr Towers when you consider the money that you took out from the company and pension etc.. then the bery least you can do is pledge so of your profit to us hard working ex Rover workers''


Kirk Fielding: ''It comes as no surprise that after 5 years of tactical stalling the fat cats have shafted us again! I suggest we now draw a line under this, take the moral high ground and all donate our 3 quid to a worthwhile charity''

Mark Foxall: ''Keep up the battle, perhaps a rally is in order in Birmingham or London if enough ex Rover workers and families want to make their voices heard, I would certainly be there. I was a paint shop manager at Longbridge with 22 years service and 3rd generation. Well done for your longevity in perseverance.''


Ken Bayliss: ''I would like to know what happened to Studley Castle which belonged to Rover and no Phoenix Consortium. And also why have the workers lost out when the P4 are still reaping the rewards when they should have all the rewards they have had, if the banks can take our money that should have been in the trust fund how can the P4 still be getting all this money we keep hearing about, I always thought if monies go into a trust fund you cannot touch it.''


Chris Morris: ''I suggest we should all move our banks accounts from HBOS & Lloyds as a protest and see if we can get others to join in. HBOS should have gone bust just like MGR but was rescued by the government (using our tax money). Then they take our  trust fund money away from us as well!''.


Ian Cocrane: ''I have always owned rover group cars since I passed my testin 1979 as did my father did before me My first new car was a mini metro  IF ONLY OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY DID THE SAME THEN IT MIGHT NOT HAVE COME TO THIS.I first visited Longbridge in 1982 and made 5 more return visits up to 2004 in Mg rover days .I recently returned in July 2012 for a visit to mg motor and i was deeply saddened by the sight of so many open spaces where the historic Austin factory once stood ,So mutch history bulldosed away .I was glad to see during my visit to Mg Motor that there is still a surprising amount of the factory still there I wish the new chinese owners of MG every success in the next few years because their success is good news for the people of Longbridge and Birmingham ,hopefully in the not too distant future Longbridge will once again be dispatching transporter loads of quality cars out of Q gate I wish the former Rover workers and future Longbridge workers every succ!''

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